What's New?

  • Now play all your sports on a single platform
  • Get their Schedule, Fixtures, Live Commentary and Live Scores for each fixture
  • Shout box on Live Matches.
  • Play in different pools bid as much as you want
  • Win with every winning bid.
  • Place your bids daily before the match starts on your favourite team/player from your available Zings Balance
  • More you win, the better chances for you to secure a position on the leaderboard.
  • Friends Section- Add friends via Invite Code, Invite your friends and earn zings
  • My Bids: See your bids for the complete season
  • My Zings: Complete stats of your zings.
  • Zings Finished?: Purchase zings via Zings Cash or Debit Card/Credit Card/Net-banking


How to play?

  • Once logged into the app, go to Schedule page
  • User can view the upcoming schedule for any particular sport/ all sports.
  • User can choose previous/ forthcoming date(s) or choose a specific date by tapping on the calendar icon to view the schedule.
  • Tap on the schedule page, if the match hasn’t started, the Countdown timer will be visible. In event if match has already started, scores of the match will be visible and bidding on the same will not be possible.
  • On the schedule page, various pools are available which a user can join and bid.
  • Each pool has an entry fees in zings.
  • Based on Zings Balance available in your account, a User can join any number of pools available in that schedule.
  • For biding in any pool, zing amount will be deducted from your main Zings Balance Account.
  • You can use the available zings in either one bid or different bids in that pool.
  • User will not be allowed to bid more than the pool value.
  • If a user joins the open pool, he/she can bid any/ all of the zings available with him/her.
  • You can place your bids only once before the bid timer ends.
  • Tap on ‘Bid’ to open the bid page
  • Select Team/Player on which you want to place your bid.


Wanna know some sure shot ways to win?

  • Playing in Bigger Pools maximize your chances of increasing your win profit.
  • Play all the bids available in the match and increase your chances of winning the bids.
  • Make bids on all the matches per day.
  • If you win Zings Cash, you can use them to purchase Zings, however the option of withdrawing the same to your Paytm. Withdrawals to Paytm takes 24-48 hours once its approved by Zingura Team.
  • Higher your Win Profit more the chances to be on the top of the Leaderboard.



  • Zingura Play is propriety of Trizin Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zingura Play is just for fun games and is not a form of gambling. We take no responsibility for actions performed by its users on any other site. We do not promote gambling in any way.  
  • Zingura Play does not have any affiliation or linkage to any Sporting Federation.
  • We further state that this app does not provide any copyright/trademark data owned by any Sporting Federation. Individual sporting entities/ their governing bodies and respective owners as portrayed on the App owns all the copyrights/ trademarks.

            •           All logos, trademarks and trade names for any teams and matches visible on Zingura Play are proprietary to their governing bodies and respective owners and official sponsors.