What Are Zings?

Zings are virtual currency

with which you bid on live matches.


  • Each Bid has some win profits as illustrated below:
    • Team Bid: Who will win the match? Team 1 or Team 2
    • Win Profit for Team 1 = Total no of zings bid on Team 2 / Total no of zings bid on Team 1
    • Win Profit of Team 2 = Total no of zings bid on Team 1 / Total no of zings bid on Team 2
    • Team 1: 5000 zings (8000/5000 = 1.6x) Team 2: 8000 zings (5000/8000= 0.63x) and you have placed a bid of 1500 zings on Team 1 and you won the bid, then you will receive (1500 x 1.6 = 2400 zings). 
    • The bid amount placed of 1500 zings will be sent back to your Zings Account Balance, and win profit of 2400 zings will be available on your My Bids Page.
  • When you redeem this profit as Zings, it will be added to your Zings Balance (used for bids), but these zings are still redeemable(and will be added to Redeemable Zings. which you can redeem into Zings Cash later on.)
  • When you redeem this profit it as Zings Cash, you will receive Zings equivalent to its value.
    • For instance: Win profit:  2160 zings, on conversion to Zings Cash
    • Results will be announced separately for each pool, means winners will win the win profit based on their joined pool.
  • Once the match is over, and results are announced, bids won and win profit will be visible.

2. Purchase of Zings

  • Users agree that once they confirm a transaction on Zingura Play they shall be bound by and make payment for that transaction. 
  • Unutilized' Account or Winnings Account balance. Users agree not to raise any complaint or claim against Zingura Play for unutilized Zings balance, the same will expire at the end of the tournament.
  • Users are required to provide proper and complete details at the time of registration. Zingura Play shall not be responsible for communications errors, commissions or omissions including those of the Users due to which the results may not be communicated to the Winner. 
  • The list of Winners shall be posted on the Leaderboard Page. The winners will also be intimated by e-mail. 
  • In the event that User has been declared a Winner on the Leader board page but has not received any communication from Zingura Play, he/she may contact Zingura Play.

3. Non- Redeemable Zings

  • The promo zings includes all the rewards being offered by us, ZINGURA PLAY under various promotional activities such as daily logins, referrals, joining bonus etc.
  • These Zings if remains unused for a period of over 30 days shall be deducted from the users's account.


  • By tapping on the “Transaction History”, you can view all your completed or failed transactions. This lists all your transactions along with your order IDs. If you have any issues in regard to any of your transactions, you can note your Order ID next to the transaction and email us for support at [email protected]


  • Within a reasonable time period after each Sporting Event corresponding to the Game ends, the Winners for the Game are announced, but remain subject to final verification by the Company. The details of the prizes that may be won by the Participants, will be displayed on the App and also on the Participant’s personal profile page.
  • We also may make adjustments or withhold prizes, in the event of a non-compliance by any of the Users with the Terms of Use.
  • No request for substitution or transfer of a prize shall be entertained by the Company. Where the Winner requests the Company to transfer the cash prizes to his bank account, the same will be disbursed ONLY to Winners who are account holders via Paytm. The Company shall NEITHER physically mail the cheque containing the prize money to the Winner’s postal address NOR shall the Company hand over cash to the Winner through any other means. All taxes associated with the receipt or use of any prize are the sole responsibility of the Winner. In the event that the awarding of any prizes to Winners of the Game is challenged by any Authority, the Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether or not to award or adjust such prizes, which shall be in compliance with the Applicable Law.
  • In all disputes arising out of the determination of the Winner(s) of the Game(s), the Company is the sole judge and its actions are final and binding on all the Participants.
  • If it comes to the notice of Zingura Play that any governmental, statutory or regulatory compliances or approvals are required for conducting any Contest(s) or if it comes to the notice of Zingura Play that conduct of any such Contest(s) is prohibited, then Zingura Play shall withdraw and / or cancel such Contest(s) without prior notice to any User or winners of any Contest(s). Users agree not to make any claim in respect of such cancellation or withdrawal of the Contest, or contest it in any manner. 


  • We shall process a withdrawal request via Paytm and withdrawal verification has been successfully completed.
  • All withdrawals on the App are currently free of charge. However, in the future if there are any charges levied for the withdrawal, we reserve the right to inform you in advance about those charges and charge the applicable fee
  • With our best efforts we will process all withdrawal requests within 24 hours of your request, There could be delays due to the time required for verification and completing the withdrawal transaction, this includes National and Bank Holidays or disruptions of service. We shall not be liable to pay you any form of compensation for the reason of delays in remitting payments to you from your user account.
  • All the withdrawals requests are completed between Monday/Friday 9am - 9pm (IST - Indian Standard Time) only.


  • If you wish to exit from the platform, please contact the support desk to redeem your Zings Balance(if any).