Who Can Play?


  • To be eligible to play on Zingura Play, you must be :
    • At least 18 years of age in your jurisdiction.
    • You must not be a resident of Assam or Telangana or Odisha(as these states prevent its citizens to participate in Game of Skill platforms).
  • Usernames: You need to create a username and add a profile picture to your account when playing on Zingura Play
    • You are not allowed to create accounts with the phrase “Zingura” in their username. Zingura Play reserves the right to change the names of such accounts.
    • You are also not allowed to have usernames which are offensive or promotes a commercial venture. The requirement to change will be determined at Zingura Play’s sole discretion, and if requests are ignored, Zingura Play may unilaterally change a player’s user name.
  • Users are required to create user accounts through logging with their FB & Gmail accounts. Zingura Play doesn’t not have the ability to create a user account directly on its platform.
    • Note: Your FB & Gmail accounts are the only way to login through the game. In case you lose the password to those accounts, we will not be able to help you out.
    • We will also not entertain any requests to change the login account details.
    • One user account should correspond to a unique phone number for login and payTM. Users will not be allowed to register if the phone number is already registered in the app as login/paytm phone number of another account.
  • Usage of scripts to create users is not allowed on Zingura Play.

Any kind of violation with respect to the eligibility criteria & other rules above, may result in in your access to our service being prohibited or withdrawn, along with disqualification and/or forfeiture of any prizes. We may even steps to further blocks IPs & IMEI numbers.



  • Users have to upload their predictions before the deadline (as indicated by the start-time of the match in the app or the countdown timer next to the match). Users will not be allowed to make predictions past the deadline.
  • Change of match timings:
    • We will strive to prepone/postpone match timings to closely reflect the actual start of the live match. However, it is not guaranteed.
    • Zingura Play will strive to inform the users of any change in match timings, particularly pre-ponements. However, it may not always be possible. We advise the users to make their predictions as and when decide to join a contest rather than waiting till the end. We will not refund users for preponement unless the preponement happened while user was making his prediction.
    • Once a match has begun on the app - we will not push out the match again. This is done to keep the game fair and not allow users to view predictions of their competitors.
  • A prediction once made cannot be changed.
  • In case a match is draw, all the zings placed on winning bid shall be returned in the respective user's account within 48 hours.